Bundaberg Regional Council’s vision is “To build Australia’s best regional community”; through its values of being ”a council that is customer focussed, respectful and prides itself on team work, leadership, sustainability and innovation. We communicate in an open and respectful manner”. In line with this, Council is committed to improving the quality of its products and the delivery of services.

Geographic Information System (GIS) already plays an important role in delivery information services to people working across Council and to the community. The challenge for Council is to make more effective use of their existing investment in geospatial technology, data and skills to meet an ever increasing demand for customer-focussed services

The GIS Strategic Plan delivered a roadmap of actions to better engage the business areas to support smart decision making and deliver new services to ensure more informed and satisfied customers. The strategy was developed through consultation with the various stakeholders and in close collaboration with the GIS team at BRC.