Since late 2015 Spatial Vision has provided the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) with hardcopy and digital mapping support.

In 2016 Spatial Vision further assisted the AEC in preparing a national map of the 2016 Federal Electoral Boundaries.

These maps had to accommodate diverse electorates and remain quickly readable in both colour and greyscale presentations. Additionally, with the election looming, the job involved delivering a significant volume of maps to a tight deadline.

As part of the Commissions obligation to consult the public in its pentannual electoral boundary – redistribution, the AEC publishes PDF maps of the proposed boundary changes on its website, as well as providing high quality, large format maps to its branches and those of our major political parties. With the timely delivery of these maps, the AEC invited Spatial Vision to update another of its key national electoral division maps, revising its style while integrating key AEC visual elements, such as their signature colours for each state.