The South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) engaged Spatial Vision to undertake an asset vulnerability assessment on selected assets and a financial review to assist member councils in better understanding and planning for the likely impacts of anticipated climate change.

Funded by the Minderoo Foundation and undertaken in collaboration with the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA), the Enhancing Community Resilience Project set out to help nine Melbourne municipalities better prepare for current and future climate changes by supporting the building of community resilience to climate impacts.

The impacts of climate, such as extreme weather events, are experienced by all in a community. However, it is often the most vulnerable in a community that experience the greatest impact and suffer lasting consequences after the hazard has abated.

A key step in the building of overall community resilience is to firstly identify and understand the characteristics of highly vulnerable populations. Expressive or qualitative measures, along with value-based metrics and climate data can be mapped and represented within a framework to quantify relative vulnerability in a community to climate impacts.

This was the basis of the work Spatial Vision undertook in Phase 2 of this project, that then provided a foundation to the next phase of the project that involved co-designing the development of resilience responses with the communities.