Enhancing Community Resilience to Climate Change

Spatial Vision have begun new work with the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) to assist in building community resilience to climate change.

Supported by the Minderoo Foundation, the project will build on the previous SECCCA Asset Vulnerability Assessment Project to help prepare communities in the SECCCA region that assess the likely impacts of current and future changes to the climate.

Spatial Vision are working with SECCCA council members and community resilience experts to identify and visualise vulnerable communities and supporting services that are exposed to the impacts of climate change. Councils’ community planners will play a key role in understanding vulnerability across communities, including cohorts such as aged care, disability, Culturally and Linguistical Diverse (CALD) and youth.

The project also involves collaboration with expert community development practitioners, councils, emergency services, and communities to develop, deliver and evaluate interventions to build community resilience to climate risk.

Of the five project phases, Spatial Vision will be focusing on the ‘Impacts & Vulnerability’ stage in particular, providing key insights to inform tool development and resilience response.

“Spatial data and technologies can help quantify, visualise and communicate observations of anticipated climate changes and their likely impacts, so planners can be better prepared to reduce any potential consequences”, says Chief Spatial Officer Stephen Farrell.

Upon its completion in early 2023, the project aims to empower SECCCA communities with information and access to new or improved services, enabling them to make individual decisions to prepare for climate change. The project outcomes and approach will used to develop a toolkit for councils and communities that can be applied in other regions across Australia to build community resilience to climate change in these areas.

Learn more about our climate change work here.

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