Spatial Vision produced the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas (the Atlas) for Women’s Health Victoria, an independent non-government organisation that focuses on state-wide women’s health promotion activities. Implementation of the web application was launched on 26 October 2015 by the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health.

The Atlas provides an interactive resource to support the work of local government authorities (LGA) and regional women’s health services throughout
Victoria. It assists in making evidence-based decisions about service design, emerging priorities and program -planning for health planners.

Users can view and interact with a map of Victoria to display statistics of each LGA, toggling between male and female results by indicators from four priority health areas; sexual health & reproduction, gender equality, mental health and violence against women. Where disparity across genders or geographical regions is identified, fact sheets can be printed and used to support advocacy and health planning outcomes.

A “gendered approach” means recognising diversity and disadvantage within an area. This will assist to identify and prioritise where resources should be allocated to plan for and achieve fair outcomes for both women and men.