The NHVR engaged Spatial Vision to develop a strategy for better understanding and realising the opportunities to leverage geospatial data and technologies.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) provides industry leadership and drives sustainable improvements to safety, productivity and efficiency across the heavy vehicle transport sector. Critical to the execution NHVR’s goals is the provision of reliable geospatial solutions and techniques to support key functions across the business and its stakeholders.

Spatial Vision worked closely with NHVR in scoping geospatial capabilities to meet present and future challenges. Priority areas were identified and roadmap actions were developed and prioritised. NHVR’s motivation for this future is as follows: “Reliable and accessible geospatial intelligence underpins our vision of a safe, efficient and productive heavy vehicle industry serving the needs of Australia”.

Implementing the strategy is key to improved vehicle access, safety, efficiency and sustainable productivity across the heavy vehicle transport sector. It also enables NHVR to support the transport industry proactively through building geospatial data and technologies infrastructure for sharing business intelligence.