Spatial Vision developed a Master Plan to define the activities necessary for GASGI to fulfill its responsibilities to deliver an effective and competitive geospatial sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Guided by the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy, the Master Plan provides a detailed roadmap addressing four key outcomes:

  • Sector and Organisational Development: Leadership and Governance setting out polices, regulation and corporate governance
  • Growing National Benefits: economic development and community engagement, investment and facilitation of sector and national development
  • Data and Technology: authoritative data, technical systems and data standards
  • Capacity Building: supporting sector growth, research and development and industry development

The Master Plan outlines appropriate governance, regulations, and licensing mechanisms for geospatial professionals and businesses, and how the smart geospatial products and services required by KSA can be delivered.

The Plan also sets out how future investment and capacity building for KSA can be supported, enabling the Kingdom to be well placed to progress its national economic development objectives, support improved decision-making and become a regional leader in geospatial capability.