Golden Plains Shire requested support from Spatial Vision in the development of a Geospatial Strategy to build geospatial intelligence and capacity to support the rapidly-expanding Shire.

The juxtaposition of Golden Plains Shire (GPS) between Geelong and Ballarat is driving growth in both population and intensive agriculture. As a small shire now regarded as peri-urban, Golden Plains Shire needs to prepare for increasing property development whilst maintaining services and environmental features valued by the community.

Spatial Vision approached the consultancy as a capability assessment, based on a framework integrating the core concepts of geospatial intelligence and capability in the theme areas of: Internal business support & innovation; Smart with data; Powered by people; Support customers & stakeholders; and Spatial technology.

From these key areas, the strategy highlights four impact goals, ensuring alignment and integration with other Council strategies:

  1. A contemporary Geospatial Solution integrated with key business systems, accessible to all staff
  2. Smart data – created once, used many times, trusted and discoverable
  3. Embedding geospatial solutions within Council supporting collaboration; and
  4. Enhanced customer service delivery and providing the community with readily findable and understandable information to make decisions