Land Management Database

In late 2014, the NSW government contracted Spatial Vision to take over the hosting and management of the Land Management Database (LMDB) system, migrating it from the NSW government computing centre to a commercial cloud provider. As part of this project we work closely with LMDB users, providing direct support to users across NSW. As part of the migration, we also reviewed the LMDB architecture and proposed a number of changes, based on new technology capabilities, to improve the performance, reliability and scalability of the system.

These changes included implementing geo-processing services and calling these directly from the toolbar, replacing a more convoluted process of uploading and processing personal geodatabases.

LMDB is an ArcGIS-based system used in NSW to record details of proposed on-ground NRM activities. It is used by NRM organisations around NSW to review proposed projects and to support the development of agreements with landholders. It comprises a central server and an ArcGIS desktop custom toolbar, providing the LMDB tools and functions, which exports locally created projects to the central repository where they are shared with others.

“I think we need to pop the champers for this one!!” Lestyn Taylor of the NSW Northern Tablelands Local Lands Services stated. Lestyn was referring to a new release of the Land Management Database (LMDB) toolbar which we had recently released. This toolbar had exported (uploaded) his project to the cloud server in little more than one second – a process that in earlier versions of the toolbar (before Spatial Vision took over its management) may have taken 5 minutes or more.

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