The Australian Government is committed to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions to meet international emission reduction targets; developing a plan for a cleaner environment; and adapting to the impacts of climate change

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) provides incentives for businesses and the community to improve practices, invest in new technologies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a range of activities across the Australian economy. Under the ERF, greenhouse gas abatement is achieved either by reducing or avoiding emissions, or by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequestering carbon (such as in soil or trees). Approved greenhouse gas abatement projects generate saleable carbon credits.

SavBAT, the Savanna Burning Abatement Tool, is a web-based application that automates the calculations required to estimate carbon credits for savanna fire management projects conducted under the Emissions Reduction Fund. The ERF savanna fire management projects aim to reduce the incidence of high intensity late dry season fires by increasing the proportion of cooler, early dry season fires. Fires in the early dry season tend to be lower intensity and burn smaller areas, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fire, improve biodiversity protection and lower the risk of damage to assets. In addition, the carbon credits can then be sold at auction to people and businesses wishing to offset their emissions.