Spatial Vision developed a new, user-friendly mobile application KM2ME to support ARTC staff in managing maintenance activities across the rail network. The GPS-based solution is embedded with up-to-date data references to assist users in accurately locating their position along the rail network, and allows users to track and record maintenance works at their precise location.

Whether its fresh produce, grain, coal or construction materials, moving goods across our vast country is no easy feat. However, Australia’s growing population and expanding economy demand it. The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) strive to improve safety, reliability and transit times, and capacity for the interstate freight and passenger rail markets.

ARTC is responsible for managing a large proportion of Australia’s national interstate rail network. In fact, the government-owned corporation looks after more than 8500 route kilometres of interstate track across five states.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation consulted Spatial Vision to produce a new and improved kilometrage application, KM2ME to support asset management and worker safety.