Spatial Vision proudly publicly declared their support for marriage equality in Australia.  Spatial Vision is as an organisation that values diversity, human rights and a fair and respectful environment for all. The mood for change in Australia is definitely evident and it is important that, whichever side of the debate you sit on, you participate in the postal survey. After all, the survey is costing tax payers $122 million.

Our “It’s Your Vote” web page provides a world map showing which countries have legalised it, and where it is still not permitted. The map also allows the relative levels of community support for same-sex marriage to be compared.

Sentiment in Australia is being measured using opinion polls, but can be viewed using digital tools such as Twitter and Google. We have mapped tweets including the #ssm, #marriageequality and #religiousfreedom tags. We have also compared Google search trends for the phrases ‘marriage equality’ and ‘religious freedom’ in Australia. The results may surprise you.

We have also provided a link to a site which shows where your local MP stands on marriage equality, which will be interesting to review as the final postal votes are received and the counts released.

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