Built for sea urchin divers, the VicFishCatch app allows dive fishers to easily report their activity and record their catch as they catch it, even if they are located offshore or offline.

Once they’re done and back in signal range, they can upload the report with just a tap, entirely bypassing the IVR process and the need for paper based log books.

The app utilises the device’s GPS to automatically tag the location of the dive and allows the fishers to record their effort and their catch in either the total whole weight of the urchin, or the weight of the roe (the edible part of the urchin, prized as a delicacy in Japan), which the app then converts to a whole weight value for quota management purposes.

The app also replaces the old system of monthly paper based logbook reporting, which is beneficial for both the fishers as well as Fisheries Victoria, who not only receive the information digitally, but also more quickly too.