Improving Accessibility of Protected Area Information

Spatial Vision has commenced work with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Envrionment on a new Protected Matters Search Tool (PMST).

The tool aims to assist stakeholders in determining the location of Matters of National and Environmental Significance (MNES), or if other matters protected by the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 are likely to occur in a particular area. Furthermore, the PMST tool is essential to implementing a targeted risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement with the Act.

The new and improved tool will provide a modern, user-friendly interface with added functionality including advanced search and dynamic reporting capabilities. The latest technologies underpin the solution with a robust front-end framework Angular providing enhanced speed and performance.

Partnering with ThinkPlace, Spatial Vision’s IT team are working collaboratively on the design phase with the Department’s technical team to understand stakeholder needs and requirements. Through an agile approach, Spatial Vision’s team are leading the software development phase, leveraging extensive experience in spatial web app development and location-based IT solutions.

Spatial Vision has a strong background in environmental protection with state and national governments and Natural Resource Management departments. The team is proud to continue leveraging strengths in this domain to promote sustainable development, including environmental conservation and protection. Learn more about our commitment to a sustainable, equitable world.

Image Credit: Lyn Hoare

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