This project assisted the Saudi Geological Survey to be procurement-ready by producing a set of work packages with a defined strategy, and the required standards and data products for the National Geological Database initiative.

The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) is responsible for geological surveying and mineral exploration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Spatial Vision, working as part of a consortium, supported the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to develop a procurement strategy and an understanding of the Saudi Geological Survey’s requirements for KSA’s National Geological Database.

In 2021 SGS launched the National Geological Database initiative designed to provide a foundation for data services, pricing and licencing of geological information products and services to encourage mineral exploration in KSA. The National Geological Database initiative includes a service portal providing access to a range of geological data products and services..

Spatial Vision helped SGS to develop a roadmap and plan to meet these aspirations. We scoped and developed requirements and turned this into a series of tender documents allowing SGS to go to market to source the right partners to help build the National Geological Database.