We helped meet the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s (NCCMA) two fold goals of enabling the enthusiastic public to contribute to data gathering and designing a new avenue to educate the public about Victoria’s diverse wildlife and ecosystems.

At the heart of NatureBlitz are its robust data recording features, allowing users to recording not merely the location of wildlife sightings within the North Central Victorian region, but also photos and audio recordings of the specimen, among other information. This information will then be made available to the public, benefiting landowners, researchers, NCCMA’s Waterwatch program, land management organisations and students.

Additionally, the application is an invaluable resource for people traveling across Victoria’s majestic northern river country, offering an attractive and easy to navigate encyclopedia of our local fauna, complete with photos and even their sounds. This information comes supplied by the NCCMA, an authority on the environs of North Central Victoria. The NCCMA can also update this information remotely. A key feature of the application is that users can hike deep into the bush and lose reception without losing functionality, thanks to the app’s robust offline mode.