City of Kingston requested support from Spatial Vision in the development of a Geospatial Strategy to more effectively utilise geospatial information in decision making.

The City of Kingston is renowned for beautiful beaches, golf courses and public open space. This popular area is already densely populated and expecting sustained growth over the next 10 years.

Spatial Vision then worked closely with the City of Kingston to create 5 year strategy to enhance their geospatial capabilities to better meet their current and future business challenges.

Spatial Vision designed a survey that received a high response rate from across Council, engaging a broad spectrum of council staff with different familiarity of GIS. A series of workshops followed involving all business areas. A set of detailed geospatial requirements were developed for each business area, identifying key measures of success.

The findings were consolidated into business requirements with 5 high-level goals aligned to the City’s strategic plans. The subsequent strategy and roadmap developed were presented to the Executive Leadership Team for endorsement.