Effective Water Resource Management – Spatial Vision Wins Award for State Strategy

Spatial Vision are proud to have won the 2020 NSW Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award (APSEA) for Environment and Sustainability with our project ‘Analysis of User Requirements & Spatial Strategy’.

Developed for the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), the project harnessed strategies for remote sensing, geospatial data and technologies to gather indicators for water compliance monitoring. The resulting analysis formed the basis of a strategic two-year roadmap outlining unique initiatives, deliverables, risks and mitigation actions to assist the department in meeting future business requirements, including stronger evidence-based water management policies and practices for appropriate compliance.

As part of the project, fifteen unique initiatives were identified to help the NSW DPIE meet technical and administrative challenges presented in water resources management. The key benefits provided to the Department include:

  • Increased alignment of processes and technologies between the department business units
  • Clear insights regarding user requirements, current gaps and opportunities to assist in meeting future business objectives
  • Detailed, two-year strategic plan serves as an actionable framework to support implementation across stakeholders
  • Continued support and co-designed approach with enhancements work to meet evolving needs of end users
  • Introduced spatial product initiatives enable improvement of processes to visualise and extract insights and products for management / compliance functions

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