Space and Spatial: A Roadmap for National Growth

Australia’s renewed focus on space presents an number of opportunities for industries to work together to strengthen our economy and future-proof our nation.

The spatial industry can play a significant role in contributing to the Government’s three key objectives for the space industry by 2030:

  1. 20,000 new jobs

  2. $12B additional contribution to GDP, and

  3. an extra $1B into the investment pipeline.

As part of the Locate Connect program, Spatial Vision’s Managing Director Glenn Cockerton hosted a Q&A wtih Peter Woodgate, Chair at SmartSat CRC & Eva Rodriguez Rodriguez, Projects and Strategy Manager at FrontierSI on advancing the 2030 Space and Spatial Industry Roadmap.

The presentation discusses the next steps in the development of the roadmap, including outlining critical issues, mapping out the space-spatial ecosystem to help identify key areas for investment, and a risk analysis that will set out Australia’s critical dependence on space based assets and the steps we can take as a nation to improve our resilience, and sovereignty over, these assets.

Also discussed were developments in the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda and how the initiative contributes to the roadmap.

Access the Q&A recording below.

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