Spatial Vision develops Our Water website for NSW's Department of Primary Industries

he NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Office of Water (NOW) is launching a new website developed in conjunction with Spatial Vision, enriching local resident’s understanding of water resource management in NSW.

The website, Our Water, is an informative tool designed to simultaneously assist public and industry in understanding how water resources are managed and protected by the government. Using a clear and accessible format driven by innovative geospatial solutions, the website shares key near real-time monitoring information with NSW residents relating to the condition of surface water and groundwater across the state.

The NSW Government is constantly monitoring water resources using data from over 5000 monitoring sites., The challenge was how to share this substantial amount information in a rich, contextual form quickly.


In working with NOW in developing Our Water, Spatial Vision integrated geographic and water resources data to unlock and help the NSW Government tell the story of surface and groundwater at a local level. With a combination of interactive maps, facts, figures and tables, this critical information is now more readily available to people across NSW, including those who are most affected by changing water conditions. In addition to describing this information in an accessible, geospatial format, the website is able to be used across multiple devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones.


“There is lots of information available, but sometimes it is too much. Information needs to be in a form that is readily understandable and accessible. It should be relevant to the individual,” said Spatial Vision’s Graeme Martin, who managed the website’s development.

“This website gives people the ability to choose whether the information is interesting or relevant to them.”


Earlier this year, Spatial Vision also worked with NOW to develop the smartphone app, WaterLive, which enables users to monitor real time water levels in their local area. Users can customise the app’s settings to set warnings, such as water level or location, enabling them to identify changing water conditions in their area. Providing specific information, this app provides people who live near key water resources, such as farmers or canoeists, the ability to receive crucial updates of their environment in real time.


With the benefits of these essential informational resources on multiple technologies in mind, Spatial Vision says the website and the app will become important vehicles to share more water resources information with NSW residents.

“They’re highly interactive. We wanted to steer away from static images and unlock the data,” says Craig Molyneux, Senior Cartographer at Spatial Vision.


“The ongoing view is to have all water resources within the website. The aim is to turn PDFs and other sources of knowledge into living and breathing HTML pages.”

The website Our Water was launched to the public by Minister for Natural Resources, Lands and Water Kevin Humphries on Tuesday 24 February.

Contact Manager of Consulting, Graeme Martin for more information on (03) 9691 3000

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