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Frog Census

Spatial Vision was contracted to create the Frog Census App for Melbourne Water in mid-2016, to digitize and streamline Melbourne Water’s Frog Census. 

frog hero

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Climate Change

Spatial Vision and Natural Decisions were engaged by 7 of Victoria's 10 CMAs to support NRM planning efforts in view of the likely impacts of climate change.

Nat Rural Lake Burrumbeet in drought BUR0005

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Emergency Medicine (EMET)

The Emergency Medicine Education & Training (EMET) Web Map  is a visualisation designed to let users explore the breadth and connectivity of the EMET hospital network around Australia.

EMET square image
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Women's Health

Spatial Vision has produced the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas (the Atlas), it was launched on 26 October 2015 by the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health.

Data Visualisation square image final 01

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Our Water

The Our Water website uses interactive mapping to provide a state-wide or local perspective of how water resources are managed and protected by the government.


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WA PestWatch

WA PestWatch is a citizen science smart phone app and website developed for the Department of Fisheries Western Australia featuring the ability to submit details of sightings within WA area of interest.

ME EuroFanWorm square final 01
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Smart Rest Area Trial

The Australian and NSW Governments are working together on a Smart Rest Area Trial to allow heavy vehicle drivers to receive instant information about nearby rest areas.

Smart Rest Area square image 01

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Redistribution & Electoral Maps

Spatial Vision won a tender in June 2015 from the Australian Electoral Comission to produce large format maps of the entire country, depicting newly proposed electoral boundaries.

AEC squarefinal 01

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Spatial Vision was contracted to create citizen science app NatureBlitz for the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) in late 2015, to meet the NCCMA’s two fold goals of enabling the enthusiastic public to contribute to the data gathering.

fish hero square final 01 

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Common Ground

Working in conjunction with the New South Wales Department of Industry, Spatial Vision undertook the technical design and implementation of Common Ground, a new mobile optimised website.

Common Ground square CS 01

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Whale Watch App

WhaleReport is a citizen science smart phone app developed for the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre featuring the ability to submit details of sightings of cetaceans and turtles in the British Colombia area.

whalewatchapp 01

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Snowy Live

Spatial Vision has partnered with energy company Snowy Hydro Limited to create the “Snowy Live” app for iOS. Integrated with Snowy Hydro’s data, the app enables Apple users to access lake level, snow depths and water release information in real-time, wherever they are.


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Network Testing

Telstra has built a new digital radio network for one of its customers and had developed models of the digital radio network which predicted the signal strength and strongest signal site across the entire network.


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Integrated Transport Solution

REROC initiated an investigation of the freight infrastructure network to develop an integrated transport solution for the region.

Reroc case study 01

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The Australian Government is committed to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions to meet international emission reduction targets; developing a plan for a cleaner environment; and adapting to the impacts of climate change.


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Spatial Vision in conjunction with Fisheries Victoria, recently released the VicFishCatch application for mobile phone devices.


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Updated every two years, the Collaborative Australian Protected Area Database (CAPAD) is a textual and spatial information product which provides a national perspective of biodiversity conservation.

CAPAD image final

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