Launch of Women's Health Atlas

The Victorian Minister for Health Hon Jill Hennessy MP, launched a new interactive Women’s Health Atlas on Monday 26th October. The Atlas, first of its kind in Australia was developed for Women’s Health Victoria by Spatial Vision.

The Atlas was designed and developed in collaboration with state-wide and regional women’s health services to assist in the identification of gender impacts on key health areas. The women’s health services play a key advocating role for improving the lives of women.

 ‘The Victorian Women’s Health Atlas’ will assist in making evidence-based decisions about service design, emerging priorities and program planning. It was designed specifically to be an interactive resource which covers indicators for sexual health and reproduction, gender equality, mental health and violence against women at both the local government and state-wide level. This resource provides interactive access to sex disaggregated data which is up to date on each of the key priority areas.

Katie Dick, Spatial Visions Project Manager for the Atlas, says the Atlas is designed to present users with information in easily understood format and importantly provide a narrative to explain the significance of the key priority health indicators for women’s health across the State.

The Atlas is available for public use at

For more information, please call on1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

Meredith Cater, Chairperson of Women's Health Victoria
Katie Dick, Spatial Vision Project Manager.
Emma Dardick, Women's Health Victoria Project Manager
Rita Butera, Executive Director Women's Health Victoria

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