Spatial Vision and Women’s Health Victoria Partnership

Spatial Vision is proud to announce a formal partnership with Women’s Health Victoria (WHV). We admire the leadership of Women’s Health Victoria in advocating for improvements in health, safety and wellbeing for women. Spatial Vision is committed to helping WHV increase awareness of equity by gender and resident location through the Women’s Health Atlas.

The Atlas, the first of its kind in Australia, was launched by Women’s Health Victoria in 2015 to assist in the identification of gender impacts across six priority health areas. Hon Jill Hennessy, MP Minister for Health Victoria formally launched the Atlas and described it as “a spectacular achievement, an engaging platform that reflects the reality of women in Victoria.”

The atlas was developed by Spatial Vision for Women’s Health Victoria, in collaboration with other state-wide and regional women’s health services and Family Planning Victoria. The freely available Women’s Health Atlas is a powerful user-friendly tool that assists in the identification of gender impacts on key health areas by Local Government Authorities, Health Regions and the State.

Women’s Health Victoria aims is to influence local and state governments in making better decisions around equity and services for women. The Atlas is a fundamental tool in this advocacy and use of it continues to grow as the breadth of information available.

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