Case Study: Melbourne Metropolitan Open Space 30–Year Investment Opportunities Framework

Victoria’s Open Space Strategy 2021 for metropolitan Melbourne required Spatial Vision to develop a spatial framework to inform investment priorities and funding for open space actions supporting biodiversity, climate resilience, health and social-economic benefits.

Case Study: Surface Permeability Analysis of Elster Creek Catchment

Be it the effects of climate change or La Niña, Australia has been inundated with extreme flooding events in 2022. Spatial Vision’s award winning mapping and analysis work for E2DesignLab, Melbourne Water and affected councils in the flood prone Elster Creek catchment zone charts a course for vulnerable urban areas.

Case Study: NSW Base Maps Vector Tiles

When NSW Spatial Services’ base map offered by key platforms such as the Spatial Portals and Digital Twin needed an upgrade Spatial Vision obliged with a high end vector solution to satisfy the needs of many user groups.

Case Study: Land Use Analysis and Implementation Support

Spatial Vision developed a contemporary, authoritative government land use dataset to assist government in improved analysis and insight into land use. The solution supports future decision-making with precise, reliable and comprehensive evidence.

Improving Accessibility of Protected Area Information

The tool aims to assist stakeholders in determining the location of Matters of National and Environmental Significance (MNES), or if other matters protected by the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 are likely to occur in a particular area. Furthermore, the PMST tool is essential to implementing a targeted risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement with the Act.

Case Study: STAR Mobile Data Capture

The Biodiversity Division of DELWP engaged Spatial Vision to produce a mobile application in ArcCollector to be the field data capture tool for the DELWP biodiversity web mapping application STAR.

Open Source Spatial: GeoPandas Part 1

This is part 1 of the first installment of a new series of blogs on Open-Source Spatial technologies. First stop on this tour is a Python library called GeoPandas.

Field Maps and STAR: Victorian Biodiversity (Offline) Mobile Data Capture

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) engaged Spatial Vision to produce a mobile application in Esri Collector for ArcGIS to be the field data capture tool for the DELWP web mapping application STAR.

How to Use Vector Tiles

Vector tiles are fast being adopted as the preferred option in viewing and transferring geographic data in desktop GIS and web mapping applications.


What a time to be a user or developer of GIS! To re-use an overused, but no less true turn of phrase, we’re seeing the ‘democratisation’ of spatial data .