Case Study: Climate Heat Map of Australia

Spatial Vision’s interactive Climate Heat Map of Australia developed for the Climate Council projects the likelihood of extreme heat days under various emission scenarios across the entire country.

Case Study: Migratory Birds as Connectivity Indicators

Connectivity is widely used in government biodiversity policy, but there is limited linkage between models and field evidence. Spatial Vision’s insights into the validation of the NSW DCCEEW Biodiversity Indicator Program’s connectivity layer addressed challenges determining whether migratory birds align with identified connectivity pathways.

Case Study: Melbourne Metropolitan Open Space 30–Year Investment Opportunities Framework

Victoria’s Open Space Strategy 2021 for metropolitan Melbourne required Spatial Vision to develop a spatial framework to inform investment priorities and funding for open space actions supporting biodiversity, climate resilience, health and social-economic benefits.

Case Study: Enhancing Climate Resilience

The South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) engaged Spatial Vision to undertake an asset vulnerability assessment on selected assets and a financial review to assist member councils in better understanding and planning for the likely impacts of anticipated climate change.

Case Study: City of Kingston Geospatial Strategy

City of Kingston requested support from Spatial Vision in the development of a Geospatial Strategy to more effectively utilise geospatial information in decision making.

Case Study: Victoria’s Digital Cadastre Modernisation

Spatial Vision played a key role in the digitisation and alignment Victoria’s property boundaries to produce a more accurate “single source of truth”, reducing costs and boosting productivity across both the public and private sectors, as well as increasing information accessibility.

Case Study: Golden Plains Shire Geospatial Strategy

City of Ballarat requested support from Spatial Vision in the development of a Geospatial Strategy to build geospatial intelligence and capacity to support the rapidly-expanding rural city.

Case Study: Saudi Geological Survey

Spatial Vision, working as part of a consortium, supported the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to develop a procurement strategy and an understanding of the Saudi Geological Survey’s requirements for KSA’s National Geological Database.

Case Study: Consulting Services for Geospatial Authority for Surveying and Geospatial Information Master Plan

Spatial Vision developed a Master Plan to define the activities necessary for GASGI to fulfill its responsibilities to deliver an effective and competitive geospatial sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Case Study: Surface Permeability Analysis of Elster Creek Catchment

Be it the effects of climate change or La Niña, Australia has been inundated with extreme flooding events in 2022. Spatial Vision’s award winning mapping and analysis work for E2DesignLab, Melbourne Water and affected councils in the flood prone Elster Creek catchment zone charts a course for vulnerable urban areas.