QGIS Training At Your Workplace

Take a trip to Stawell, Victoria with QGIS Trainer Marcel Sahyoune as he demonstrates what you can expect in an off-site training course with us, plus the COVIDSafe measures we take to ensure your staff can safely participate.

The Journey of a GIS Graduate: 2021 Graduate Cadet Program

What’s it really like to work in geospatial science? Our 2021 Graduate Cadet David Pepin shares his experience as a graduate spatial analyst, and what you can expect from the Cadet program.

Get Your GIS Strategy Going

Given up on strategic plans because no one pays them any attention? Can’t get the decision makers to read them, let alone fund them?

SDG Business Reporting: An SME Example

Our company’s SDG Ambitions, as we have called the plan, sets out actions that relate to both internal business processes and working with clients and our long term partners. As a service orientated business, the greatest impact we can have is by empowering our clients with information, strategies and tools to contribute to the achievement of these SDGs.

8 of the Best Data Visualisation Platforms

There has never been such a rich array of free data visualisation platforms to illustrate data stories. Here are some of the best platforms in 2020.

SV Maps Goes Digital

We’ve gone digital! All SV Maps products are now available to download through the Avenza Maps Platform. Digital maps for iOS and Android – learn more.

2020 Impact: Industry Trends and Developments

Spatial Vision’s Managing Director, Glenn Cockerton, provides an overview of trends and developments in industries including technology, geospatial, space, and surveying.

Remember 2020?

General Manager Operations Graeme Martin reflects on the lessons of lockdown in a year that has changed lives and transformed business.

Planning for Climate Change: An Evidence-Based Approach

For generations, Australians have witnessed and endured the harsh realities of our landscape. From unrelenting droughts to catastrophic bushfires, the country is no stranger to extreme weather.
However, with the frequency and severity of these extreme weather events predicted to increase in the near future, it’s important now more than ever to address key questions of how we can better prepare for them and how can we learn from these events to mitigate consequences into the future.

DCM #2: Adjusting Cadastral Surveys using DynAdjust

DCM Team Leader Jeremy Alcorn provides an introduction to DynAdjust, the tool being used to undertake least squares cadastral adjustments for the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project.