Getting the most out of your GIS strategy & investment

Any business case that sets out GIS investment requirements, should be prepared in the context of an overall business strategy. If executed correctly, a good GIS strategy can increase operational efficiency and improve organisational and community outcomes.

Climate Change & Homelessness: Understanding the Connection

The intersection of climate change impacts and homelessness is a critical issue that demands our attention. The recently launched, Climate Change and Homelessness Research Project Report delves into this complex relationship.

Navigating the complexity of geoscience data analysis

Geoscience and data analysis are formidable fields. Both demand dedication, experience, skill and time.

Meet Jarryd Hunter Manager of Enterprise Spatial Solutions

Meet Jarryd Hunter who heads up the Enterprise Spatial Solutions team at Spatial Vision.

Q&A with our new CEO Cameron Selkrig

Having completed his first 40-days as the new CEO of Spatial Vision, Cameron Selkrig is busy establishing a new way forward for the company and team. Read on to find out how he sees the next phase of Spatial Vision playing out and how he will leverage his leadership skills and experience to inform the company’s future.

Our 2024 Pacific Islands Geospatial Skills Program Candidate

Spatial Vision is pleased to announce the successful 2024 candidate for our Pacific Geospatial Skills Development Program, ‘Ofa Masiwawa from Tonga. Over the next three months, we’ll support her to achieve her goal of improving resilience in her home country.

Pacific Islands facing harsh impacts of climate change

Spatial Vision is supporting the Pacific Island region in building their climate impact resilience.

Spatial Vision is a carbon neutral organisation

Spatial Vision is a carbon neutral organisation – what it means and how we achieve it.

Glenn Cockerton reflects on time as CEO Spatial Vision

Glenn Cockerton reflects on his 24-year tenure at the helm of Spatial Vision.

Securing a future for Women in Spatial

Find out how Spatial Vision are securing a future for women in the geospatial industry with our Women in Spatial Program.