Differences between ArcPy and PyQGIS

In the world of Geospatial, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS are the dominant GIS software players. Both offer Python libraries, however there are differences in the way they work. Our resident expert Jack Batson provides users with a series of practical examples.

An extra long GIS Journey

Our in-person GIS training courses are proving most popular – even participants from as far as Papua New Guinea and New Zealand are making the journey to our Melbourne office.

New Advanced QGIS Course

Following the high demand for our Introduction to QGIS course, Spatial Vision’s GIS Journey is excited to announce the introduction of its Advanced QGIS course.

New ArcGIS Training Courses On Offer

Mapscape delivers high performance, multi-scaled topographic mapping for Victoria’s emergency services. The latest Mapscape Edition 13 is now available.

QGIS Training At Your Workplace

Take a trip to Stawell, Victoria with QGIS Trainer Marcel Sahyoune as he demonstrates what you can expect in an off-site training course with us, plus the COVIDSafe measures we take to ensure your staff can safely participate.

Python Whitebox Tools Demo

When talking about 3D data we often think about high end fancy visualizations that give that wow factor where you can barely tell the difference between what is real and what is digital. In the spatial sciences industry we are not normally concerned with the Ultra High Definition graphics, Ray Tracing, and photorealistic texturing; normally we settle for much less because we only need the basics for analysis…

The Online GIS Journey

As the world around us continues to change day by day as a result of the global pandemic, so must the way we both interact and communicate with our clientele in many areas of business.

GIS Journey is just one of these areas at Spatial Vision to have undertaken such a change, transitioning from a physical face-to-face delivery model, into an online delivery platform for our clients, in a relatively short period of time.

Here’s how we made that transition successful.

GIS Journey to Noojee

What happens when two GIS trainers leave the hustle and bustle of the city to train in regional Victoria?

A lot, apparently!

Our trainers Marcel and Rhiannan recently headed east to the picturesque town of Noojee to conduct a customised Introduction to ArcGIS course. Many fun times were had, and challenges, too, but the experience was positively memorable for both clients and trainers alike.

Take a look here.

Fundamentals of ArcGIS

As a leading specialist of information and spatial technologies, Spatial Vision offers ArcGIS training courses across Australia, sharing their knowledge of spatial technologies with organisations using these technologies in their regular operations.