An extra long GIS Journey

The first half of 2023 has been a busy one for the GIS Journey space, with participants continuing to make the most of both our online and in-person GIS training course options.

In-person delivery has been particularly popular of late with training courses at our Melbourne office featuring participants from Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Six days of training in QGIS, ArcPro and 3D course were provided for the benefit of PNG’s Mineral Resources Authority, keen to upskill in ArcPro, and especially QGIS, due to the rising cost of ESRI.

Meanwhile, two days of training (QGIS Intro and Advanced) were enjoyed by a couple viticulturists from New Zealand’s wine region of Cloudy Bay.  Their interest in using QGIS lay in asset management and analysis.

The overall feedback to our courses this year has been overwhelmingly positive – a testament to the hard work of our friendly and knowledgeable team of facilitators.

Never heard of QGIS before?

Fear not! QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System) is a free and open-source GIS software package that is used extensively in Australia and internationally. For many organisations, it is their go-to platform to store, apply, analyse and map spatial data. Even if you’re just starting out with GIS, it’s a great place to hit the ground running to achieve your cartographic and spatial analysis needs.

GIS Journey has enabled hundreds of participants to provide instant value for their workplaces via our Introduction to QGIS course. Now we can’t wait to offer the opportunity for QGIS users to provide even better value.

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Happy training!
— Marcel Sahyoune, GIS Trainer

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