Fundamentals of ArcGIS: teaching web mapping technologies across Australia

As a leading specialist of information and spatial technologies, Spatial Vision offers ArcGIS training courses across Australia, sharing their knowledge of spatial technologies with organisations using these technologies in their regular operations. The courses are designed to upskill employees who use ArcGIS; innovative software connecting maps, apps, data and people to streamline the decision-making process. With these courses, employees can optimise their digital mapping skills and use the full functionality of these tools to drive organisational success.

Using Victorian Government Vicmap data or the clients own data as case studies within the training course, Spatial Vision provides a highly accessible and user-friendly lesson plan for organisations requiring this type of training. “The uses of non Australian data can means it is less suited to the needs of Australian organisations,” says Spatial Analyst Danielle Cherubin, who instructs Spatial Vision’s training courses.

In April this year, Ms Cherubin travelled to Mount Gambier, South Australia where she taught the fundamentals of ArcGIS to employees of Green Triangle Forest Products (GTFP). Delivering long term value through environmentally responsible forest management, GTFP’s operations rely on spatial information. This means ArcGIS, software that generates user-friendly maps and enhances data analysis, is an essential tool for its employees to use proficiently.

“Employees of GTFP found our training course highly relevant and valuable for their organisational tasks. They can now apply their understanding of ArcGIS to their professional duties and streamline decision-making,” says Ms Cherubin.

“For GFTP, I travelled to Mount Gambier to conduct the training course. But we also offer onsite courses for up to four people at our office in Melbourne, ensuring our course delivery best suits our clients’ needs.”

During the training course, each participant accesses a computer with ArcGIS software. Participants can either watch the instructor’s explanation or follow their steps, and are encouraged to ask questions at any stage. In addition to the Introduction to ArcGIS course, Spatial Vision also offers advanced and custom courses, which are tailored to suit the specific needs of their clients.

“Organisations such as GTFP can use their own data as examples and select modules that are most relevant to their employees’ responsibilities. We are very open to different learning styles, and we find a flexible and tailored approach to education most effective,” says Ms Cherubin.

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