Welcome Ryanne Firme – Digital Cadastre Modernisation Team

Spatial Vision is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryanne Firme as Production Manager of our Digital Cadastre Modernisation project team.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering from the University of the Philippines, Ryanne’s early career saw her extensively involved in various aspects of urban and rural land development, from land acquisition through to project completion. Moving to New Zealand, Ryanne was exposed to a range of cadastral, engineering, and spatial projects that further enriched her skill set, providing her with a solid background in cadastral theory and practice, and significant experience in engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

Over the past 3.5 years, Ryanne has been managing the utilities data within the Aurecon-Jacobs-Mott Macdonald Joint Venture to support the delivery of improved railway infrastructure for Rail Projects Victoria. Here, Ryanne has honed her project management skills, participating in a variety of projects to ensure deliverables and priorities are met.

Ryanne will be harnessing her extensive surveying experience in applying best-practice management to Spatial Vision’s DCM team. Drawing upon her expertise, she will work closely with newly appointed Quality Assurance Manager Stephen Boothroyd to ensure client data requirements are met successfully.

Ryanne said of her appointment:

“I’m very excited to be part of the Victoria State Government’s initiative to make this modern and accurate spatial dataset a step closer to becoming a reality. As a previous heavy user of Landonline (NZ’s accurate spatial & digital platform), I greatly appreciate the value and impact DCM can make, not just to property professionals, but to the public as well. I have always been passionate about smarter workflows and try to campaign for innovation while ensuring quality is never compromised. Spatial Vision and partners have devised clever systems to support delivery of the adjustment stage. I’m honoured to be a part of this innovative consortium.”

Ryanne joins the team during a pivotal time in the DCM project, with a focus on increasing the throughput of both block and zone level adjustments. Spatial Vision looks forward to supporting Ryanne in her new role.

Learn more about the DCM project here.

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