We’ve gone digital! All SV Maps products are now available to download through the Avenza Maps platform.

Over the last 6 months the Spatial Vision cartography team have been working hard to migrate all our printed map products into digital online formats that enable them to be used within location-based devices like smart phones.

Why use digital maps?

While printed maps will continue to be the key map format by recreation and hikers for some time to come, SV Maps has seen the demand for digital map formats increase over the last few years. Migrating our printed mapping products to digital formats does allow for some new features that aren’t available for maps in a static printed format.

  • Being digital, the maps can be consumed by a variety of mobile devices and platforms whether out in the bush or even the office.
  • The digital format allows for the map files to be geo-enabled.  This enables more information to be extracted from the map including your location, GPS coordinates, distances between points, and navigation using distance and heading.
  • The maps can be quickly accessed and downloaded to your device within minutes, ready for you to start exploring.

Digital map app for your mobile

SV Maps has selected the Avenza Maps platform for our map range as it is easy use, has one of largest catalogues of projects from map publishers and has some great features, including:

  • The app allows users to download maps directly to their mobile devices
  • The app is available across multiple platforms including; iOS and Android smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to locate yourself and navigate using your devices GPS without mobile reception or internet connection
  • The ability to add photos, record GPS tracks, measure distance or area, collect data and more

SV Maps available on Avenza

The SV Maps products available on the Avenza Map platform include:

For those who prefer to take a printed map when exploring, or enjoy the flexibility of using both formats, there are still many of our maps available in a hardcopy format.  As we all know, device batteries don’t last all day, so having a paper map with you is critical as a backup – don’t forget to take a hardcopy map and compass with you just in case.

We hope you enjoy our mapping products in their new digital format, and we look forward to hearing how they’ve helped you navigate your next adventure or holiday.

Check out the SVmaps product range now in digital download format through Avenza Maps below.

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