Spatial Vision SDG Ambitions

Climate change, the collapse in biodiversity, pandemics, geo-political and economic instability, racial and social justice, digital transformation and cyber security are just some of the significant issues facing us today.

Our view at Spatial Vision is that we all benefit from the adoption of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each goal covers an important theme, and is underpinned by a series of targets to be addressed by 2030.

Our company is committed to influencing the sustainability of our communities, environments and social fabric by embracing SDGs. Our company’s SDG Ambitions, as we have called the plan, sets out actions that relate to both internal business processes and working with clients and our long term partners. As a service orientated business, the greatest impact we can have is by empowering our clients with information, strategies and tools to contribute to the achievement of these SDGs.

Managing Director Glenn Cockerton said:

“Our SDG Ambitions were developed by Spatial Vision staff members and recently endorsed by the Senior Management Team. The plan includes ten SV goals that variously align with the SDGs. Importantly, we will be reaching out to our partners and new clients to highlight why we believe SDGs are important and to ask if we can assist them to contribute too.”

Spatial Vision’s SDG Ambitions: Ten actionable goals that actively contribute to the Global UN SDGs

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