Utilising NDVI in Farming

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI is a method of determining crop health by measuring how well the crop reflects light. Images can be capture via satellite, aircrafts or UAVs. NDVI is a particularly useful tool for farmers and agronomists, because it helps them to easily track their crop or pasture performance.

Spatial Vision was contracted by DataFarming to develop a “Mapping Gateway” platform to deliver a paddock-based (NDVI) view, based on Sentinel satellite imagery.

Farmers are able to login to the web application and create a farm. Once a farm is created, the user will be able to start creating paddocks by drawing or uploading a KMZ/Shape file. The user can create multiple paddocks for a single farm. Once the paddocks have been created, a suitable NDVI image is available with acceptable cloud cover and cropped according to the user drawings. The user is able to retrieve the saved farms and the previously retrieved NDVI imagery.

The platform relies on the Sentinel Hub. This provides satellite imagery from multiple data sources including Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8. You can try the platform here

DataFarming has now identified a number of enhancements and new products they wish to add to the platform, as Stage 2 of their development such as a “5 year stack” which allows users to create mean-NDVI, stability and Zoning products for a paddock based on up to five years of NDVI data.

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