Our partner relationships help broaden the overall capability of Spatial Vision. Assisted by our partners, we possess the necessary expertise, capacity, resources and support to implement large-scale applications of spatial technologies and successfully undertake significant projects.

GIS Cloud

Spatial Vision is a reseller for the GIS Cloud range of cloud-based GIS solutions in Australia and New Zealand. GIS Cloud’s configurable Mobile Data Collection capabilities make it the ideal tool to maintain a real-time spatial database in the cloud. Spatial Vision’s experts can configure, deploy and train your staff in the GIS Cloud suite of applications.

ESRI Australia

Spatial Vision is an alliance partner of the ESRI Australia and has extensive practical experience in the installation, configuration and deployment of the complete range of ESRI technologies, including the ArcGIS suite of cloud, desktop, server and mobile applications.


Spatial Vision is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and is certified as a Small Business Specialist. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of solutions based on Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Reporting and Integration Services and .NET. As a member of the partner network, we have direct access to the expertise and resources of Microsoft.

RMIT University

Spatial Vision is a strategic partner of RMIT University, and in particular the School of Mathematics and Geospatial Science. This relationship means that the services and solutions we offer our clients take advantage of the geospatial research and development resources of both organisations.

Ionic Trusted Partner

Spatial Vision is now an Ionic trusted partner for a certified consulting agency.

Ionic Trusted Partners are certified consulting agencies that we connect with businesses looking to jumpstart their Ionic app development.

The University of Melbourne

Spatial Vision has a strategic partnership with the Department of Infrastructure Engineering (which includes the Geomatics discipline at Melbourne University). This relationship enables a range of collaborative activities including joint participation in research and other projects.

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