Spatial Vision is Visited By We Can’t Wait

This year at our annual client Christmas party we were joined by guest speaker, Mark Balla. Mark is the founding director of We Can’t Wait. who provide sustainable sanitation for schools in the developing world.

Mark learned during many business visits to India that a vast number of schools in India do not have toilets for students and staff.

This has been shown to have a particularly negative impact for adolescent female students and female teaching staff. Dropout rates among adolescent girls are extremely high in India with poor sanitation being a major causal factor.

Mark spoke about the aims and strategies of We Can’t Wait. in tackling such a widespread issue. The aim of We Can’t Wait. is to build toilets and hand washing stations for schools and to ensure that the facilities are properly used and maintained for the long-term benefit of the students and staff. Mark’s project has already helped over 10,000 students across India with many more projects panned and underway.

Whilst not a typical presentation at a Christmas party, everyone was impressed by Mark’s compelling presentation on the ripple impact of installing toilets on students and the broader community.

Spatial Vision is proud to support We Can’t Wait and we thank Mark for taking the time to come and speak to us.

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