Use of Indoor Mapping and Positioning and Geo-Fencing

Enable your employees and customers to explore and discover your indoor world.


  • Indoor Positioning and presence detection
  • Search for points of interest
  • Indoor Navigation/Routing and geo-fencing
  • Location relevant, targeted notifications that can include text, links and images
  • Multiplatform - available for Android and iOS
  • Provide Visually Impaired people spatial awareness

How does it work?

  • SV will load your indoor maps into the cloud services
  • SV will collect location data via a Mobile App
  • SV will build the mobile app using these maps

It is that easy! Spatial Vision has built a mobile app that detects the indoor positioning of a person on the SV office map represented by red dot. Blue circles represent geo-fence areas on the map (points of interest). As the current location of the user is in the blue area, a message is sent by the application based on the location.


For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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