Spatial Vision’s Transition to 100 Percent Staff Owned

Spatial Vision is proud to announce that the company is now 100 percent staffed owned.

Established in 1999 with support from RMIT University, Spatial Vision and RMIT have worked closely together for the past decade and a half and enjoyed a fruitful and positive relationship. Confident of Spatial Vision’s continued success, RMIT sold their shares to the Spatial Vision management team earlier this year.

Glenn Cockerton, Managing Director of Spatial Vision said, “The transition to 100 percent staff ownership fulfills a long-held ambition for the company. Spatial Vision appreciates its association with RMIT. Pleasingly, RMIT and Spatial will continue working in partnership into the future with academic staff, assisting with the delivery of geospatial courses. We see many opportunities to collaborate. The Board of Spatial Vision believes this development represents another step in the evolution of the company and augurs well for the company’s future.

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