Talking ’bout the next generation of spatial analysts

As part of World GIS Day Spatial Vision hosted a panel discussion ‘Developing the Next Generation of Spatial Analysts’. The eclectic mix of professionals and students from the sector, academia and representative bodies gave rise to a number of tremendous ideas and observations.

2020 Impact: Industry Trends and Developments

Spatial Vision’s Managing Director, Glenn Cockerton, provides an overview of trends and developments in industries including technology, geospatial, space, and surveying.

Celebrating Excellence in Geospatial Science with RMIT

Last Friday, the Spatial Vision team attended the annual RMIT GSSA Awards Night to recognise some very talented students undertaking geospatial sciences. Presented in conjunction with RMIT University, the awards represent our commitment to nurturing the next generation of geospatial professionals.

Have We Seen The Death Of The Atlas?

For most of us, our first introduction to maps was by a teacher at primary school. As we progressed through the education system, atlases were introduced, exposing students to the art of cartography and the science of geography.

Indexing the Jacaranda Atlas

Generating complex gazetteer indexes is the bane of cartographers. Before the advent of computers, this was an entirely manual process.

Making the Jacaranda Atlas 9th Edition

In conjunction with John Wiley and Sons, Spatial Vision has recently completed work on the 9th Edition of the Jacaranda Atlas, the pre-eminent student atlas in Australia.