Please note: this Statement has since been updated – refer to: Climate Change Statement for the latest version.

October 8, 2018

We believe the time has come to more formally communicate our company’s commitment to address the challenges of human-induced climate change. For Spatial Vision, this is occurring through our support of both mitigation and adaptation initiatives and efforts to promote improved understanding of the impacts and risks associated with such change.

Spatial Vision recognises that climate change is major societal issue that can be only addressed by all levels of governments, businesses and people accepting responsibility and taking action. We agree with Australian Capital Territory’s Minister Shane Rattenbury, “This current generation has an environmental, economic and moral obligation to do our best to tackle the threats posed by climate change”.

Significantly, Spatial Vision will not accept service contracts that contribute to misleading information about climate science or significantly facilitate increases to greenhouse emissions. Spatial Vision is actively engaged in a broad range of climate change-related projects, applying our experience and expertise in spatial information technologies and business system tool development. And, as a medium-sized Australian company, while we accept our actions will have limited impact on global carbon emissions, we believe that this not an excuse to abrogate our responsibility. We will continue to review and reduce the carbon footprint of our company’s operations, and raise the awareness of our clients and staff.

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