Nexus is an ArcGIS Tool that enables you to easily and efficiently integrate Vicmap Incremental Update File (IUF) data updates with your corporate data holdings.

Victorian Government Vicmap Property and Address data are critical to the operation of many organisations. Vicmap Property and Address data are being updated weekly, however, the whole-file versions are much larger files, slower to load and do not provide a record of changes made since the last update.

The incremental update files contain only features that have changed since the previous update. They are much smaller, and are typically able to be delivered by e-mail as ZIP files.

Nexus is a smart product developed by Spatial Vision to enable you to easily and quickly manage the importation of one or more incremental update files into your corporate copy of Vicmap Property and Address.

Features of Nexus:

  • Enables Users to regularly and efficiently update their copy of Vicmap Property and Address
  • Only updates changes to data instead of replacing the whole data file
  • Generates data in an ESRI geodatabase using AGD66 or GDA94 datums (other ESRI formats and projections are available)
  • Can be used for single or multiple Local Government Areas, or state-wide
  • Allows users to create change-only versions of datasets for review before proceeding with integration
  • Nexus runs on a standard PC running ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.x.
  • Nexus is easy to use and supplied with system documentation

What are Vicmap Property IUFs?

Vicmap Property IUFs are provided as sequential XML files. An IUF is generated for each Local Government Area, every two weeks. Each IUF comprises a list of instructions indicating whether a feature has been deleted, changed or inserted. The Vicmap Property IUF can be used to generate Vicmap Property and Vicmap Address digital products.

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