In conjunction with John Wiley and Sons, Spatial Vision has recently completed work on the 9th Edition of the Jacaranda Atlas, the pre-eminent student atlas in Australia. This is the third edition Spatial Vision has worked on for John Wiley and Sons, and we continue to improve and expand the content of the atlas with detailed data and new design.

John Wiley & Sons, publisher of the Jacaranda Atlas, are releasing the 50th anniversary, and 9th edition of this well-known student atlas for Australia. Spatial Vision has assisted John Wiley & Sons by designing and producing the mapping for this product for the last two editions as well as a series of digital wall maps derived from print atlas artwork. 

Coordinating response and attending to search and rescue events for police is relatively common place in the Alpine region of Victoria. These range from bushwalkers losing their way or injuring themselves, off road motorcycle mishaps to missing skiers and hikers in the middle of the winter (some of the conditions in the high altitudes in Victoria during winter commensurate with some of the worst conditions in the world). Generally they turn out well (with only the occasional loss of life) but due to the high altitude, steep terrain, isolation and often extreme weather conditions the response by police and emergency services is often time critical and can expose the rescuers to very dangerous and unpredictable conditions.

People that are reported missing or report themselves as ‘lost’ have not properly prepared themselves, have the right equipment nor followed some basic principles – not withstanding that mishaps can occur with those most experienced.

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