Introducing a new free open source tool which seamlessly connects your business to the cloud

Spatial Vision is proud to announce the introduction of a new free open source tool that will benefit the spatial community. The open source tool is a GIS Cloud plugin for QGIS.
The tool provides the global QGIS community seamless access to all of the facilities provided by GIS Cloud. Suitable for all work flows, this plugin is capable of uploading all raster and vector datasets compatible with GIS Cloud with the click of a button. This enables the global QGIS community access to GIS Clouds world class mobile data collection, data visualisation, data sharing, data viewing and fleet management services. It also offers flexibility to existing GIS Cloud users to utilise the power of the dynamic QGIS open source environment.

As a leading specialist of information and spatial technologies, Spatial Vision offers ArcGIS training courses across Australia, sharing their knowledge of spatial technologies with organisations using these technologies in their regular operations. The courses are designed to upskill employees who use ArcGIS; innovative software connecting maps, apps, data and people to streamline the decision-making process. With these courses, employees can optimise their digital mapping skills and use the full functionality of these tools to drive organisational success.

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