International GIS Day took place on November 15. Since 2015, GIS Cloud have run a GIS Day Contest to promote initiatives and project ideas that influence technological advancement and sustainability in local communities around the world

La Trobe University students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences recently used the GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection (MDC) app to collect data about housing in selected small towns in Northern Victoria, supported by funding from the Victorian Planning Authority.

GIS Cloud is now offering to Australian and New Zealand customers the option of storing their GIS Cloud data on Amazon Web Servers located in Australia.

Regulations in Australia and New Zealand – such as The Australian National Privacy Act of 1988, which regulates how organizations collect, use, keep, secure, and disclose personal information – can make it difficult for organizations to move sensitive information to cloud-providers that store data outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Spatial Vision actively publishes webinars on various topics within the industry. We publish our webinars via our Corporate website, social media and on our blog website.

In late 2014, the NSW government contracted Spatial Vision to take over the hosting and management of the Land Management Database (LMDB) system, migrating it from the NSW government computing centre to a commercial cloud provider. As part of this project we work closely with LMDB users, providing direct support to users across NSW. As part of the migration, we also reviewed the LMDB architecture and proposed a number of changes, based on new technology capabilities, to improve the performance, reliability and scalability of the system.

Spatial Vision has increasingly recognised the potential of cloud GIS services for our clients and has recently carried out a client survey on cloud GIS use and presented webinar on the topic.

To help our staff develop a very practical understanding of cloud GIS, Spatial Vision hosted the company’s first map hack challenge, splitting the company into six teams, each with just a day to conceive and deploy a cloud based GIS solution.

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