Australian Project Wins 2017 GIS Day Contest

International GIS Day took place on November 15. Since 2015, GIS Cloud have run a GIS Day Contest to promote initiatives and project ideas that influence technological advancement and sustainability in local communities around the world

Previous finalists have included projects such as Geospatial Modelling of Malaria Severity from Nigeria, Flood Support for Better Preparedness in Indonesia and a project from Tanzania called Saving Mother and Child. In 2017 they received entries from over 20 different countries!

This year, the winner was from Australia! The Eudunda Country Fire Service in South Australia were successful with their ‘Working fire hydrants’ project. Their GIS Cloud project proposal was to map fire hydrants to gain a better insight into their locations and additional information for each hydrant. This would allow them to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fire brigades during emergencies such as bush fires that are very common in the area.

Congratulations to all applicants in promoting GIS usage around the world.

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