Spatial Vision’s Mapscape Edition 8 Released

The latest Mapscape datapack was released in July this year. Released yearly using the latest authoritative data, it delivers high quality, pre-tiled topographic information at multiple scales. Edition 8 boasts several new layers including Coastal datasets and improved Cartography.

Used by Emergency Services and other government agencies across Victoria, Mapscape is designed to ensure that the Emergency Services have access to the latest, authoritative topographic mapping across Victoria with state-wide seamless coverage and 11 levels of mapping. It is a companion product to the Spatial Vision VicMap book


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New Coastal Layers

Mapscape Edition 8 has several new coastal datasets added along the Victorian Coast and Port Phillip & Westernport embayment’s. These include;

  • Navigation Aids
  • Mangroves and Saltmarsh
  • Commonwealth Marine Reserves
  • Aquaculture Licence Sites and Marine Mammal Protected zones
  • Oil and Gas Facility/Field/Pipeline
  • Rec Fishing Reefs
  • AMB Coastal Waters
Example Gas and Oil Field Mornington Sample

Improved Cartography

Edition 8 sees some improved cartography for our Mapscape Product these include;

  • Building footprints for Melbourne & Geelong
  • Road corridors added to give better delineation between property and the road area
  • New Sporting Ground colour fill to stand out
  • New Symbology for Surf Life Saving Clubs
Ovals 1 Portsea

Mapscape is available in two versions, an Enterprise corporate product for desktop use and an iPad version for mobile use.

The Enterprise version is produced in a variety of file formats depending on users requirements. This enables Mapscape to be incorporated into users’ desktop platforms as a base map that users can seamlessly overlay their own data for spatial analysis and mapping. End user can also host Mapscape through their own webmapping sites and apps. For example, Mapscape is the base map on Emergency Management Victoria’s VicEmergency Product which is available online or via both Apple and Android as a free app.

The iPad version of the Mapscape Datapack is designed to be a standalone product that does not need cellular or internet connection to run. The App functionality includes street search functionality and live Emergency incident warning locations feed.

The Mapscape Edition 8 datapack for iPad can be purchased at here and you can download the app here


For more information please call 1300 366 796,email here or visit

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