Chinese Delegation

Spatial Vision was pleased to host a Chinese delegation from the Hubei Province Bureau of Statistics on Monday 7th September, where senior Chinese Government officials attended. The purpose of this visit was to exchange ideas about GIS strategy & design and explore possible collaboration between the Bureau of Statistics of Hubei Province China and Spatial Vision.

The visit included a presentation from Glenn Cockerton who spoke about Spatial Vision’s history and our capabilities. Katie Dick also presented the new Spatial Vision visual atlas which was developed during a recently completed project. A short break was then taken to allow delegates and Spatial Vision employees to informally discuss potential joint projects before Mr. Ma, Zeming, Division Chief, Trade & Economy Division for the Hubei Province Bureau of Statistics, started his presentation by thanking Spatial Vision for their warm hospitality and insightful presentations.

Mr Zeming spoke about the growing importance of GIS, in particularly within the Bureau of Statistics and more broadly within China. Mr Zeming believes there is now a real possibility of collaboration between Hubei Province Bureau of Statistics and Spatial Vision. Mr Zeming concluded his presentation by inviting Glenn Cockerton to visit them in China and presenting Glenn with a gift from the Hebei Province. Glenn Cockerton reciprocated by presenting Mr Zeming and the other delegates a copy of the Australian map in Chinese.

For more information, please call on 1300 366 796 or alternatively email here.

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