Celebrating a year of Spatial Vision's GIS Journey training

Spatial Vision is celebrating the success of its popular GIS Journey training courses, which have been fully booked since they began earlier this year.

The two day course provides foundational skills in ESRI’s industry standard mapping software, ArcGIS 10 and are designed to empower both GIS specialists and managers involved in GIS projects. The courses’ mix of theory, group discussion and practical exercises are ideal for those responsible for planning and implementing GIS solutions on the operational level.

Spatial Vision also recently launched a single day QGIS course, which provides a introductory training in the free and open source GIS tool. Like the ArcGIS 10 course, QGIS is as focused on bringing those responsible for managing GIS projects up to speed, as it is on reinforcing the skills of GIS specialists and developing a greater appreciation for the power of spatial solutions.

GIS Journey2

Spatial Vision is also excited to announce that both courses are now accredited with the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute and grant Continuing Professional Development (SSSI CPD) points upon completion. The ArcGIS 10 course is valued at 8 points, the QGIS course 5.

Spatial Vision provide both these courses on-site at their Melbourne office or to organisations around the country. New dates for 2015’s courses have been released on the program’s website.

Look out for additional new courses in 2015 .

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