Spatial Vision continues to lead in GIS training

Another eager class has completed Spatial Vision’s popular GIS Journey training course, which empowers GIS professionals and managers alike with the knowledge and ability to take advantage of spatial technologies.

The course took place over two days in Spatial Vision’s Melbourne offices, introducing students to ArcGIS 10, Esri’s industry standard mapping software.

In addition to demonstrations by the company’s capable training staff, students also participated in peer group discussions and completed practical exercises (using Australian practice data) to cement their understanding.

GIS Training2

The course’s learning outcomes are designed to equip both those who are responsible for planning and implementing ArcGIS at the operational level as well as those who are already in GIS positions. The training enables those in roles which support spatial functions to better appreciate the impact they can have contributing to the growing maturity in GIS solutions.

Once again, the course received high praise from its students:

“Very relevant, being able to use this program in general will be very useful for the work I do” – Phil C. “Very easy to understand and follow along with, excellent instructor” – Priscilla M.

“Class size and pace was just right and it was great to be using Australian data” – Craig B.

If you’re interested in finding out more about GIS Journey or participating in a future course, don’t hesitate to contact Albert Matthews on 03 9691 3000.

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