Spatial Vision expands Checksite service to QLD

Spatial Vision has launched its popular Checksite service in Queensland, providing affordable, industry standard Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessments for developers, property consultants and environmental auditors.

The service was previously only offered in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, however recent moves by the Queensland government towards open data has granted Spatial Vision access to the kind of reliable, high-quality information we require to offer the reports. Checksite consists of four reports: site, historical, environmental and one detailing the area’s geology and groundwater.These are available individually or altogether and have a turnover time of 4-5 days.

The Site Report consists of various details about the site’s address, a map showing its boundaries, a recent aerial photograph, the land’s current titles and any planning zones the site falls under.

The Historical Report contains aerial photographs of the site through the years as well as maps from various historical sources, overlays displaying planning and sewage details where possible.

The Environmental report details the actions of the Environmental PRotection Agency in the area, including nearby priority sites, or those which have been audited. Spatial Vision will also checked whether the site is licensed for a cathodic protection system or to store dangerous goods.

Lastly, The Geology and Groundwater Report provides topographic, geological and groundwater bore maps.

In addition to taking advantage of high-quality government resources in compiling these reports, Spatial Vision has developed its own database of common contaminants such as petrol stations or dry cleaners, to expedite risk determination.

The Queensland service was launched at this year’s EcoForum Conference and Exhibition in Brisbane and more details can be found on the Checksite website.

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