CheckSite: leading the way in environmental risk management

As Australia's population rises and our cities expand, property developers and urban planners face the task of finding new sites for residential and commercial real estate.

One of the most challenging aspects of this job is to assess new sites for risks or hazards. Property developers, consultants and professional environmental auditors require access to a myriad of information to accurately determine whether or not a site is suitable for habitation.

Environmental risk management is time-consuming and complex, and can cost developers a lot of money. Fortunately, Spatial Vision has developed a service which can help improve the risk assessment process.

Introducing CheckSite

Available in SA, NSW and Victoria, CheckSite is a comprehensive service designed to help developers verify any potential environmental risks of a new site.

Developing - or redeveloping land for that matter - can be a risky endeavour if its history is not properly understood. CheckSite can help to bring possible hazards to light, so that developments can progress accordingly.

How does Checksite work?

CheckSite draws on information from a variety of reputable sources (including government agencies), as well as the power of spatial technology to compile property-specific environmental risk management reports.

The service produces four key reports which focus on the main risk areas of property development:

1. Site Report

This assessment is designed to collate information about a site's location and history, and includes comprehensive maps, aerial photography and basic planning information. It can include extra features, such as a historical land title search, at the client's request.

2. Environmental Report

The CheckSite Environmental Report is leading the industry in terms of environmental risk assessment. It collates information about the site based on the state's Environment Protection Authority (EPA), providing developers with a comprehensive overview of its environmental status.

3. Historical Report

As the name suggests, this report focuses on site history, using historical aerial photography, parish plans and previous sewerage and planning schemes to give the client a picture of the site's past.

4. Geology & Groundwater Report

Lastly, this report will map geological and topological features or risks, and identify the presence of any groundwater bores.

CheckSite reports may be ordered individually or requested for a large number of sites across one or more state boundaries.

For more information on CheckSite and how it can help you with property development, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Spatial Vision today.

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